runScribe Foot Pod

on Monday, November 10, 2014 at 10:17 PM

A while back, I had posted about increasing my cadence rate and purchasing a polar foot pod to help measure it.  After wearing it for a few weeks, it's basically gone into the closet along with my other under used tech gadgets. I may decide to break it out during the next month or so while I'm not really concerned about pace.  I had also commented on maybe purchasing a garmin foot pod since that allows me to see real time cadence feed back which the polar one doesn't.  Instead I decided to go down a slightly different route.

runScribe is a kickstarter backed project whose goal is to make a foot pod tracking device.  It's a bit different than the conventional foot pods in that it doesn't attach to your laces. Instead it gets mounted to the back of your shoe either by industrial adhesive or a clip.  It supposedly gives a bunch of feedback on how you, run such as how much your foot rotates in, whether you heel, mid or forefoot strike and of course your cadence.  It originally was a stand alone system and the only way to get info from it was to upload the data after the run, but one of the target goals was that if they reached a certain funding level, they would make it compatible with the ANT+ system which is what garmin uses.  They basically blew past that funding goal as well as some others, so I ended up joining the campaign to hopefully get one of the early devices so that I could use it with my garmin and get instant feedback. I actually ended up buying two.  They say it's supposed to be used with one on each shoe, so that you can get data from both shoes, but it can also be used by having one device on two different pairs of shoes which is why I think I want it.  Originally, these things were expected to ship in December, but that's now been delayed.

They had a booth setup at the NYC marathon and were getting guinea pigs to test out their prototypes during the marathon which I think is kinda cool.  Based on the feedback they got, they've decided to make some changes to the device so it looks like the shipping date is now slipping into January.  I'm sort of interesting to see what data they will post about the runners in NY and how accurate it is.

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