HR issue revisited

on Sunday, November 23, 2014 at 11:59 PM

So getting back to the tachycardia HR issue. I've spent some time googling around trying to see if anyone else has had these types of problems. Salty is a fastish runner who has blogged about the matter with her and went so far as having the ablation procedure performed as did the Vegan Heart Doctor. There is also a tumblr thread on the issue. Other discussion threads I've found that talk about the issue are at:,,,

So it seems that this happens to a lot of people.  As for my trip to the GP, I have to wait for some blood tests before I get a referral and I have to wait a bit to do that in light of the blood donation a few weeks ago.  I ended up trying a new GP. My previous one moved his practice out of the city so I'm trying a new family doctor. I'm not so confident of the guy. He's about 50 and new to the city and country and is originally from Iran and only received his Canadian license in the past year, but has been a doctor in Iran for over 20 years. He's at least got some experience so I don't really have an issue with that. What kinda bothered me was the clinic he was working in is computerized and while typing my history into the computer, he would do the one finger pecking thing on the keyboard.  In this day and age, a part of me doesn't quite trust someone with today's modern medical technology who can't type without looking at the keyboard.

In any event, he wanted to do a normal ECG reading and if that didn't show anything, he wants to do a 24 hour monitor which I suppose is what I was actually hoping he would want to do in the end, so maybe he won't be that bad.


Quinto Sol said...

A couple of years ago, I experienced "skipped" beats... I looked it up, and Dr. Google said that it was magnesium deficiency... I started taking supplements... And lo and behold, the skipped beats are now gone... My suggestion is this: Go run a few miles, then run hard for one or two... Then head to your GP... And try to replicate your symptoms... Of course, you may be dehydrated and skew the results... BUT... Good luck!

mg said...

Catching up on blog reading, and it's nice to "see" you again!

My husband had the ablation done in 2008. He'd been dealing with PSVT for about 15 years, and it was getting more frequent and getting harder to control. He was lucky in that the extra pathway was in a spot that they could burn off. He doesn't run, but it seems like the surgery fixed the issue for him.

Arcane said...

Yes I remember reading about it. Good to hear that it's fixed. I'm still a bit weary about the idea though.