Niagara Falls Non-Race Pics

on Friday, November 7, 2014 at 8:47 AM

Don't have much else to post about the race, maybe some follow-up thoughts on the HR issue, so here's some pics I took the following day.  The wind conditions on the Monday would have been perfect for race day. Wind from the south which would have been a tailwind for almost the whole race.  Unfortunately wind from the south isn't too great if you want to see the falls from the Canadian side since it means if you want to get up close to the falls, the mist is basically being blown into your face so you're going to get really wet. Having had my passport with me, I crossed over into the US to see the falls from that perspective for the first time where the wind would be blowing away from me.

I actually like the viewpoint from the US side, maybe even better than from the Canadian side. You can get a lot closer to the water and the area is a little less commercial and more National Park like.  I ended up staying way later to try and get some shots at night when they turn the lights on which was at 7pm which was much later than it needed to be.  For example, this week, they now turn the lights on at 5pm (albeit with an extra hour gained because of the switch back to Standard Time).  Unfortunately stupid me forgot to bring the mounting plate for my tripod so all I got were some blurry pics of some lights. Next time, I guess.