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on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 7:44 PM

I decided to buy the race video and pictures from the race.  I haven't purchased race photos for a long while now.  The first couple of races you do, it's a bit of a novelty. But after a while, it's just a photo of you running.  Sure some are special, like your first marathon, or your first Boston and it's always nice to look back at them.  I bought the race video cause I actually like that I have a relaxed and smooth form and don't appear to be struggling while running.  I didn't even know they had so many cameras. I assumed that there would be a finish line video, but didn't know about the rest of them.

The first video is about the 9 mile mark with the wind coming from the side where you can see the peace bridge in the background. This is after the out and back in Fort Erie. You can get a sense of how alone I was at this point. The second one is at the half mark after I stopped where I'm running with a bit of a group into a direct headwind. The next one is about 200m from the finish line and the last three are at or close to the finish where I seem to be motoring right along. I gave some thought to trying to catch the guy in the blue singlet, but thought it was going to be close and not wanting to ruin his or my finish line photo, I backed off a bit at the end. 

Post Race Pic
Rather then give out the customary mylar sheets after the race, they gave out these thin "jackets". They seemed to be water repellant. I don't think they were that good for blocking wind or retaining heat.  They almost look like something you would wear if you were going to paint a room.  Should be a good throw away water repellant thing to use in a future race. 

Now to get Katy Perry out of my head...

Day 5


Robin said...

Great video, you weren't kidding about being alone at the first shot!