Random Thoughts

on Sunday, November 9, 2014 at 9:12 PM

Did my first run since the blood donation and it kinda sucked which was expected. Add to that, the two weeks of limited running since the marathon and well sucky runs all around.  While putting my socks on this morning, I noticed that I actually had normal toe nails for once. I don't think I had any black toenail issues this training cycle which I suppose I can attribute to experience and sticking with the same pair of shoes for the past few months.  I bought a few pairs of Brooks Adrenaline's GTS 13's back pre-training cause they were on sale.   Running Room was clearing out last years model and they were $90 a pair which is cheap up here in Canada where it normally retails for about $150.

I'm on my last pair and shopping around, they no longer have last years model and the other discounts aren't quite so steep yet.  They're now selling this years model at a discount of $119 in prep for next years model  I may buy a few to hedge my bets, but I'm thinking the price will come down in the new year.  Google showed me the website 33-off.com which is a Canadian site that also sells discounted shoes.  Never tried them before. They don't have the Brooks shoes in my size at the moment, but they are selling the Asics GT-2000 for 98.95.  I think this is the follow-up model to the 21xx series that I've used before so I might try these again.  Only thing is they provide free shipping on orders of over $99, which means I can buy two pairs or buy one pair and some filler item. I hate buying filler items. I have to do that on amazon all the time, and I always end up with something that I never use.  Why can't they just charge me the extra 5 cents and give me the free shipping?