1 week down, 17 to go...

on Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 11:03 PM

Completed first week on target of 32 miles. Did the body flow class on Friday afternoon. There were only 5 people who showed up. Despite the large dumping of snow on Friday, the snow clearing crew did a pretty good job of clearing the sidewalks by Saturday afternoon so I did a 4 mile recovery run outside. It snowed again last night and there were a couple inches on the ground this morning. Rather than trudge through the snow for 2 hours, I went to the gym and did 12 miles.

Started out at 6.5 mi/hr for 2 miles and then bumped it up to 6.6 for 2 miles and then to 6.7 for 4 miles and then did the last 4 or so at 6.8. I did the last 0.4 miles at 8.7 mi/hr. HR spiked during mile 6 but i ran through it since i had a bit of a breather after 6 miles since I had to reset the treadmill and go fill my water bottle. Towards the end my pace was 8:49 min/mile at a HR of about 156 which i think is about right for a long run pace and effort. Looking back at this entry, i'm quite a bit slower than i was back in February where I was able to maintain a faster pace at a HR of less than 150, but that was towards the end of a marathon training schedule and a couple of weeks before a race so maybe it's not a fair comparison.

This upcoming week is much like the last except I have to add 1 mile to each running day. Not sure if I'm going to be able to run outside at all this week so it looks like it's more treadmill running.


Sonia said...

They've been pretty quick at removing the snow here too. We shoveled for hours though right on time for them to pick it up!

Are you trying to BQ again at Boston?? And PB? I think the fitness will come back as you train, these things always fall into places =)

Arcane said...

No attempt at PBing or trying to re-BQ at Boston. I think I would have to ramp up the mileage to more than what I did before and I don't think I can do 70+ miles a week during the winter time.

yumke said...

Popping in to say merry xmas. Don't think I'm doing hte Boxing Day 10 miler.. too many family commitments.. wonder what'st he next race we'll do at the same time :)