on Friday, December 19, 2008 at 11:38 AM

Took a day off of work today. We're getting a pretty major snow storm right now. I had wanted to do some shopping today, but driving is a bit dicey. In terms of training, week so far has looked okay.

Did about 7 miles outside with 10 strides on Tuesday. Pace was probably a bit faster than 9 min/miles. It was about -7C.

Yesterday I went to the gym to do 9 miles with 4 at LT pace. HR spiked about half way through the first LT mile so i slowed to a walk until it got back under control. In total, I guess I averaged about 3.6 miles at a pace of 7:13 pace (8.3 mi/hr) for the LT portion. I finished up with three miles at 7mi/hr. I was hoping that the HR would drop to less than 160 over the finial three miles but it didn't. I usually treat this as a test of fitness and my long run pace since it gives me an idea of how well i'm able to recover from a fairly tough workout. Ideally the HR would drop to less than 160 and whatever that pace is, I would assume is the fast end of my long run pace. Since I wasn't able to get the HR to less than 160, my long run pace isn't quite 7 mi/hr like i thought it should be.

I had tried to do the Body Flow thing on Wednesday. Left work on time and got to the gym, but i forgot to bring my shorts. I have only two knee length pairs of shorts which i wear for classes, one is grey and the other is navy blue. In the morning, I just grabbed a navy blue piece of clothing from my technical running gear pile thinking it was the shorts, but it wasn't. It happened to be the long sleeve t-shirt that I got from the Niagara half. They are both made by new balance and are the same colour. Needless to say, short of doing the class in my dress pants (or underwear), i ended up having to skip the class. There's another class today in the early afternoon which I'm probably going to do since i can't do much else today.