Mushy White Christmas

on Wednesday, December 24, 2008 at 10:48 PM

Did 8 miles at the gym today. I was supposed to run yesterday and tomorrow, but I don't think I can run on Christmas day so i pushed back these two runs to today and Friday. I'll probably skip the recovery run on Saturday which will allow me to get the long run in on Sunday. We good a good dumping of snow over the past few days and it looks to be a definite white Christmas this year. It rained all day today and so some of the snow has turned into a slushy mess. The wind is blowing like crazy now which should hopefully dry up the sidewalks.

I've been contemplating signing up for a 10 mile race on Friday since I'm supposed to do 10 miles that day anyways. If the sidewalks are fairly clear, i probably won't do the race as it's a bit of a drive from where I am.

Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanuka/ Happy Festivus to all!!


Breathinstephen said...

Did you say "Happy Festivus"?? lol.. love that episode.

Thank you Francis, I hope you have a nice holiday as well.

Boston is just around the corner.

Btw..a friend of mine has qualified to walk the Boston Marathon. Because he requires oxygen to walk/run, he was approved as a " mobility impaired" athlete . He has 8 hours to finish. Im happy for him, but kinda jealous. My lung function is worse than his, but I don't require oxygen, therefore Im not considered impaired.

May we all have a great 2009 out on the courses!

yumke said...

Did you do a race? It's warm out not.. weird huh?