Back to the grind

on Monday, October 8, 2007 at 5:45 PM

Did a 6 mile slow run on Saturday and did 12 miles yesterday. I wanted to test out my hill climbing and descending qualities yesterday so I took a route with lots of hills.

Lap Lap Time
Lap Lap Time
1 08:53.7
7 08:28.5
2 08:35.4
8 08:08.3
3 08:20.0
9 09:01.4
4 08:57.5
10 08:19.9
5 08:44.1
11 08:16.9
6 07:44.3
12 07:48.7

I think this was about right in terms of pace considering the elevation changes. Parts with up hills were slower, parts with downhills were faster. I bumped up the pace for a portion of the last mile, just to catalogue what parts would hurt doing marathon pace. I'm pretty sure the marathon next Sunday is not going to be doable. I was achy after this run and my calf is still tight. I definitely didn't feel as nice as I was the week before the marathon last time. I'll still probably partake in at least the half marathon if only as part of a training run.

I've been reading the various race reports that are coming out of Chicago and it seems that a good chunk of people either didn't start or weren't given the opportunity to finish. I'm not sure what to think about them closing the course early. With all the people dropping like flies, I think it was the right decision to make, but can understand the disappointment for those either doing their first or who traveled from out of town to be there. There is no excuse for running out of water though. Congratulations to those that had the courage to even start. Well done!

Oh yeah, with the horrible weather, I almost forgot to mention the marathon itself. Did you see the finish for both the mens and womens marathons? Classic finishes that will be remember for a long time to come.


Sonia said...

I could not believe that lead woman waving to the crowd while the other sprinted!! That was crazy!

And the men too, 2:11 each, they had some pretty exciting finishs for both gender!

yumke said...

Yeah, a good decision to not do the marathon. Have you decided on a late year marathon? Yeah, the finishes for the marathon was amazing. I wish I caught it on TV cause it sounded exciting.

Fran said...

No haven't decided yet. If I do end up doing one, it will be on December 2. Which one will really depend on the weather. It may end up being a week of decision which I know sounds crazy but i don't want the weather to be an issue.

The Joggler said...

So, having PB a 3:17 in Chicago last year, what do you think you would have run there this year? Perry Romanowski, the Chicago joggler, joggled a 3:59 this year, almost 40 minutes off his best time.

Stephen said...

Fran, Have you decided which marathon you're gonna do next?

Re: Chigaco, My good friend Hansi Rigney was there and said it was the toughest race she's ever done.

Despite the deadly heat and her slowest finish time ever, she still managed to take 1st place in her age division(65-70) @ 4:10. The year prior, she finished in 3:34

Fran said...

Not sure about Chicago. I probably think I could have done long run pace +5-10 minutes, so I would say about 3:40 to 3:45 or so.

Steve, I haven't quite decided on the December 2 marathon yet. I'm doing the Toronto marathon tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.