Weeks in review

on Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 11:23 PM

So i have two weeks to go back and review. These are just some random thoughts about my training that I have for future reference.

July 21: 10.2 miles. (8:24 pace) Did in the evening

July 22: 6 miles including some VO2Max repeats at the track.

July 24: 5k race

July 25: 6 miles recovery

July 26: 11.3 miles

July 28: 9.3 miles including 3 miles at LT pace. Had wanted to do 5 miles at LT pace but bonked pretty bad. Was very dehydrated. Temperature was only about 18C, but that's actually quite warm for early in the morning for around here. Not quite used to the temperature yet.

July 30: 10.2 miles including 5 miles at LT pace. Wanted to repeat the LT run that I had bombed on Tuesday. This went much better as I was well hydrated and it was 14C at the start. I also consumed a gel before heading out. Averaged 6:59 min/mile for the 5 miles, but these were a bit all over the place being 7:03, 6:50, 7:06, 7:02, 6:55.

This week is week 7 of the marathon training program I'm on. I'm supposed to only be on week 5 in order to target a November 1st marathon. This means that in order to sync back up properly that I will have to repeat 2 weeks of training. I think that this week which is going to be a bit short for total mileage is probably a good week to do again next week. It will also allow me to sync up the week 9 marathon pace run that Pftiz's plan has with a 30k race that takes place on Aug 23. I will then have to figure out which other week to repeat. Ideally, i think I will have to sync back up completely before I get to the tune-up races cause I can't be repeating those.