Happy Canada Day!

on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 10:30 PM

Happy Canada Day to all! Just finished watching Sarah McLachlan perform in Ottawa. She happens to be my favorite singer.

Haven't updated in a week so here's what happened.

Last week looked like this.
Tuesday: 7 miles GA with 10 strides
Thursday: 9 miles GA
Saturday: 6 miles recovery
Sunday: 14 miles

Week so far was i did 8 miles with 10 strides today.

This is the first week of an 18 week marathon training in preparation for the Hamilton marathon which is on November 1. I'm still on the fence and may decide to do the Toronto one instead which is two weeks earlier. It would require me to jump ahead two weeks into the plan, but i think it's doable. I like the Hamilton one because it fits in nicely with the Pfitz tune-up races which are on Saturdays. I've had problems in the past with finding races on the Saturdays, but the November plan lines up nicely with two 10k races on Saturdays for the 2nd and third tune-up races. It also lines up nicely with a Woman's half marathon for the first tune-up race. I don't think they exclude males, it's just that they don't give prizes to males. I don't really care about prizes, but I think it would be extremely awkward to be do the race as a male being severely outnumbered. I probably would just do a tempo run instead of the race.

I'm looking at some summer 5k, but they're all quite pricey. When did it become okay to charge $50 for a 5k race? I just want a 5k time. Don't need a shirt or medal; I have enough of those.


Audrey said...

I used to LOVE sarah mclaughlin!!!! LOVE! I haven't really listed to her in a while though.

We have the Tufts 10K, a pretty famous women's event...and I'll admit I think it's weird for a few reasons when I see men in the race. I've seen it though :)

jen said...

Oh, Sarah Mclaughlin is great!

You're running strong considering you are 18-20 weeks from a race. Keep up the good work. Happy Canada Day! :)