Just one more attempt...

on Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 10:01 PM

Tuesday: Did 9 miles which included 10 strides around the local track. Stride the straightaways and slow jog the turns. These seem to be getting more fluid. Leg speed seems to be increasing.

Wednesday: Did 4 miles recovery at 9:23 pace

Friday: Did 10.2 miles at about 8:38 pace in the evening.

Saturday: Did 6 miles recovery at 9:42 pace in the morning. This was a bit tougher than I expected. With a little over 12 hours from the last run, I was dehydrated and not really recovered that well.

Sunday: Did 17.3 miles by the lake at 8:51 pace. I drove to the lake to do this run. An Indy Car race was on at the lakeshore and I wasn't sure if the trail to the west was closed or not so I ran east instead. I forgot my HR watch at home and ran only with the garmin. Been signed up with Run Saturday for a while, but didn't like that I either had to share everything or nothing. I don't need people knowing where I live. They seemed to have fixed this by offering privacy locations where if the run starts or stops close to a certain point, it won't include the map. The engineer in me likes the graphs and stuff the site generates.

I consumed a crap load of candy this past week and think I put on some weight. Wanted to try and burn some of it off. I didn't really eat a lot on Saturday, but tried to keep super hydrated. Plan was to run this at about 9 min/mile pace. I started to increase the pace towards the end though when I was pretty certain I wasn't going to bonk. It helped that it was kinda cool and a little breezy. Lots of people out at the beach today.

So I'm looking at making one last attempt at a sub 20min 5k at the end of the month. I was eyeing the Acura 10miler/5k which is next weekend but that might be a bit too soon and I don't like the fact that it would mess up my long run. I'm currently looking at one on the 24th which is on a Friday which means I would still be able to get a long run in on the weekend. It would also allow me to focus on some interval work these next two weeks.


jen said...

Great runs lately!

I would love a Friday race. Especially for a 5k. It is hard to do any other training after racing but it's so little mileage.. Good luck if you decide to go for it! You're running very strong lately, I think you can do it.