Smelly Run

on Monday, August 3, 2009 at 2:27 PM

Today's a holiday here, but i'm just getting over some kind of illness. It started on Friday. Had a bit of a sore throat, which i thought might be the beginnings of a cold. Didn't get worse on Saturday, but didn't get better.

I did 7 miles on Saturday which included some strides.

Sunday: Wanted to try and do 20 miles, but ended up only doing 18. The city had the caribana parade on Saturday and the day after tends to be a complete disaster of garbage pile-up down by the lake. Thankfully, the municipal city workers strike is now over so at least there will be people picking up garbage. The municipal strike had relocated the final day of festivities which was Sunday from the island over to Ontario Place and presumably the waterfront which meant that I wanted to avoid the waterfront. i drove part way downtown and ran through some of the parks and trails which was pleasant, though I ended up getting a bit lost, which is for the best. I weaved in and out and did a bunch of out and backs. ALong the way, the path I had chosen ran right by a temporary garbage drop-off which are locations the city has set up for residents to dump off their garbage over the past month or so of the strike. The city was in the process of relocating the trash from the drop-off sites and with all that movement of garbage that had been fermenting for over a month, well let's just say the smell was unpleasant.

I ended up being quite dehydrated towards the end and had to walk a bit. It was a bit warmer than it has been and with me not feeling to well too begin with, i guess it was inevitable that I was going to bonk.

So total for the week was just short of 45 miles which is a bit short of the 52 miles that I had wanted to hit. I'll be repeating this week of training again next week to add an additional week of Lactate threshold work. I haven't been too happy with my LT training as of late and think I could use some additional weeks of it prior to the fall marathon.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

can't imagine the smell... ewwww. thankfully it hasn't been overly humid! Great job on the mileage!