Training Update

on Monday, August 17, 2009 at 7:42 AM

It's now 10 or 11 weeks to marathon day depending on which one i decide to do.  I've finished week 8 of an 18 week Pfitz program. 

Friday: Did 11 miles including 6 miles at an LT pace of 7:01 min/mile pace.  This has been my LT pace for a long while now.  Can't seem to speed it up any further. 

Saturday: 6 miles recovery at about 9:25 min/mile pace

Sunday: 22 miles at 8:58 min/mile pace.  This was hot. It started at 21C and was 26C by the time I finished and that's without factoring in the humidity.  Hadn't really carboloaded they day before so wasn't looking forward to this.  Headed downtown for the lake.  Plan was to start slow and see how i felt half way through, but ended up staying at this pace for the whole run.  In order to try and prevent dehydration, i drank a bottle of gatorade right before the run.  First couple of miles didn't feel so great with the liquid sloshing around in my stomach, but by 4 miles, i was feeling better.  Even so, by the time I finished I was very dehydrated even having taken extended water breaks. 

Did a different route than I did last week.  Headed east, rather than west since there's a bit more tree cover for parts of the run.  Next week, I'm doing a marathon pace run as part of a 30k race which will follow much of the same path.  The race is in the evening and is on Saturday which requires a slight tweaking of this weeks schedule.  I'll be moving all my runs up a day and trying to do them in the evening.  The temperatures for the evening for the next couple of days is looking to be warm/hot and potentially humid.  Guess we've been lucky so far this summer with relatively cool weather which is good for training so a couple of days of hot weather is probably due.


jen said...

Wow, 22 miles? Geez. Nice work.

The heat sucks. Take it easy and stay hydrated. Be cafeful out there!

Perry said...

It's amazing to me how similar our running times are. I just don't know how you achieved that 3:10 in the marathon. Great work.

In my last marathon I reduced my mileage a lot and didn't do any runs over 15 miles. Go figure, I had a PR.

I wish I could figure out what training program works best. What has worked best for you?