Repeats, Running/Walking and Moving

on Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 9:45 PM

Can never think of good titles for these posts.

Did 8 miles including 5x800m repeats today.  This was the first VO2Max workout for this training session. I've been following the old Pfitz plan which had 5x600m, but i've heard that this has been changed to 800m repeats in the new edition.  Did them all at a little faster than 6:25 min/mile pace which is 20min 5k pace.  Yeah I'm still eyeing that goal. It was about 12C which is nice and cool.  Hardly worked up a sweat.  Funny how back in the spring, i would think that 12C was actually quite warm. 

Did a little over 6.5 miles on Tuesday.  Did this late in the evening and it was dark.  I headed over to the local HS track and ended up doing a mix of running and walking.  Reason for this is that I'm going to be putting the bunny ears back on to pace the 1:45 half at the Scotiabank waterfront half on September 27th.  I'm supposed to do the 10min run/1min walk thing which i don't normally do. Measured my walking speed which is about 16min/miles which means in order to do 1:45 half, i would have to run about 7:40min/mile.  That pace is a bit in no man's land for me.  It's faster than my long run pace, but slower than my marathon pace so i wanted to see how well i could judge the pace by feel..  I tried 5 laps with a walk break in between each and was all over the place (6:51, 7:25, 7:24, 7:49, 7:32).  As much as i would like to use the garmin, i think the satellite reception downtown is a bit flakey for large chunks of the course so wouldn't give accurate feedback. Looks like i'll have to use the Polar foot pod. 

Which leads me to another interesting change which will affect my training.  As some of you may know, my firm was bought by another about a year ago and we will be relocating downtown and the big move day happens to be the weekend of the Scotiabank half.  We're moving downtown to the recently built Bay Adeleide Centre. The firm that bought us already moved in about two weeks ago and i think were the first tenants in there which is kinda cool.  I haven't visited yet, but i hear it's really nice.  Anyhow, i don't live downtown which means what used to be a 15-20min drive to work will probably now require over an hour worth of commuting on public transit.  Not quite sure whether the morning runs will be possible and am wondering whether running in the evening will even be possible if i get back too late. Looking forward to the move, but not looking forward to it at the same time.


yumke said...

Looks like we switched places (re: work). The job I had the last 3 years required more than an hour each way of commuting. It wasn't easy to fit in the training for sure. Now, i'm a 7 minute walk home from work. I think you'll adjust, I just ended up working later than I usually do my first week back at work.