Week in Review

on Monday, June 23, 2008 at 7:05 AM

Did 2.5 miles on Friday which included 3 strides. On Saturday, I did about 3 miles warmup and cooldown and the 3.1 mile race and yesterday, I did 15.9 miles at about 8:33 pace. Last 4-5 miles were done at about 9 min/mile pace, a bit tough. I had to guestimate my lap splits during the run, but I ended up mapping the route afterwards to figure out my pace.

I was interested in pace so I tried to run with my garmin yesterday, but I forgot to recharge my batteries. I opened up a new package of Duracells batteries that I had gotten at a dollar store and put them in. Imagine my surprise when they crapped out at the 40 min mark into the run. Looking at them after, it looks like these were fake batteries. They look genuinely authentic but there were a couple signs that that aren't legitimate. The cover of the battery appears to be peeling off. The batteries say they are made in China, but the package says they are made in the US and the expiry date on the battery doesn't match the one listed on the package. Can you tell the difference?

Fake Duracells?

Did 47 miles for the week. I'm not following a training plan so lately I've had a general idea of what I want to accomplish at the beginning of the week. I'm not quite sure what the plan is for this upcoming week though. I have a 10k race next Tuesday and I'd like to have a bit of a taper going into that which means no long run next weekend. I'm like to do an LT run or a VO2Max workout this week, maybe both, but I want to cut back on mileage also.


jen said...

Weird! I wouldn't be surprised. I think the whole Dollar Store set up is a scam.. I think they are used as a front for some gangster stuff. If I were you, I'd just let it go. :P

Belated congrats on the smokin' 5k run! :)