Let's see...

on Monday, June 2, 2008 at 11:11 PM

Still kinda busy at work.

Okay so did 6 miles last Thursday. Ran that at a General Aerobic pace of 8:18. That was tough. First non-recovery run since the marathon three weeks ago.

Did 5.4 miles of Recovery on Saturday at about 9:40 pace. That was also tough. Much warmer than normal and was sweating buckets. Guess I haven't acclimatized to the warmer weather yet.

Did 12.1 miles yesterday @ 8:50 pace. Wasn't too bad. I had really tried to drink a lot of fluids on Saturday to prepare for this run and to prevent dehydration.

Total for the week was 23.5 miles. Going to try out some track work this week. Will try and cut back the pace by about 10% or so to take into account the blood donation a little over a week ago.

I think I'm going to try and do a 5k race on June 21 and the Canada Day 10k to hopefully get some PR's out of the way. I've been looking around trying to find a 10k training plan and boy do they look strange. Having done nothing but marathon training for the past 3 years, these training plans with short runs and nothing but intervals look alien to me. Long run of 12 miles. You call that a long run??


yumke said...

Yeah, i'm thinking of doing the 10K if nothing but to get an LT run in . Yeah, I guess it's cheating doing it in a race but hey, it gets me by. Which 5K is it?

Arcane said...

it's the Port Union waterfront run. I saw it on roadrace results. I like doing races that are on days other than Sunday since it allows me to still get my long run in. the Canada day one and this one allow me to do this. Maybe I'll see you at the 10k. There's a nice looking shirt for that race this year.