LT Run at the gym

on Thursday, November 1, 2007 at 11:01 PM

Second day of training and second day that I set the alarm for 6am to get out to do my 7 mile run with 4 @LT pace. This was also the second day that I couldn't force myself out of bed this morning. There's something about waking up in the morning and seeing complete darkness outside that just causes me to not want to go outside. It doesn't help that it's also sub 10C. I'm hoping that the switch from daylight savings time this weekend will make it a bit brighter in the morning next week.

So I did my run this evening at the gym. I haven't done a continuous LT run or more than 1 mile since August or so. The fastest I did my LT runs during the last training cycle was at about 7 min/mile. A 15km race that I did back in August suggests that I might be able to do 6:50 pace so that's what I aimed for this time since it matches what the training plan wants me do. I started with one mile at 9min/mile, bumped it up to 8min/mile for 1 mile and than did 2 miles @8.7mi/hr (6:53 pace) and then 2 miles @8.8 mi/hr (6:49 pace) and then one last mile @ 8 min/mile.

I hate doing anything other than long runs on the treadmill. I end up sweating like a pig and dripping sweat all over the place. Not too happy with the fact that the HR kept rising over the 4 miles @ LT pace. It maxed out at 188 which I think is way too high. My max is around 195. The high HR might have something to do with the fact it was warm in the gym. I'm definitely going to try and do my next LT run outside cause trying to do them at the gym is just too uncomfortable.


Audrey said...

ahhh, your blog is a respite from my current guilt. i currently should be out running but slept through it b/c i am, clearly we needed the sleep!! :) i will likely head outside in the dark later. woohoo reflective vest.

Sonia said...

I understand the difficulties of getting out of bed! It was 1oC this morning and just walking my dog was painful! lol

Triseverance said...

You are one tough cookie redlining it for 4 miles. You are interesting because it seems that your percieved effort just does not match your HR. Have you decided to do the LT test?

jen said...

Great run!

I agree about the darkness in the morning.. can't wait for the time change. Have a great weekend!

Fran said...

Would like to do the LT test, but will probably wait till December or so. First I have to get back into some regular training and secondly I think I have to get used to running indoors first. With this run showing that my HR rises continuously while running at the same pace, I don't think an LT test would be able to give me accurate HR zones at the present time.