on Monday, November 12, 2007 at 7:47 AM

Did 8 miles last Thursday at about 8 min/mile pace.

Did 14 miles yesterday outside. Run yesterday felt tough. Did the first half at about 8:30 pace since that felt comfortable. Last training cycle, I would have just ended up running the whole thing at about this pace, but yesterday I tried to force myself to run closer to 8 min/mile for the second half of the run. I have to try and get to a point where 8min/mile feels comfortable.

I also did some calf raises yesterday to try and build up some calf strength. I'm going to try and work in some cross-training this time. I've been thinking of buying a Bosu ball to help with core stability. They seem quite pricey.


Stephen said...

Did you decide which marathon you're gonna do in Feb?

jen said...

Nice job on the long run- especially with increasing the pace even though it was feeling tough.

I've used the Bosu ball at the gym- pretty fun. I didn't know they were expensive- you could always buy a large balance ball- those are cheap and you can do a lot of different things w/ it.

Triseverance said...

Isn't that the eternal struggle, how to get faster and have it feel comfortable.

Anonymous said...

not decided on marathon yet Steve.