Week in review

on Monday, February 5, 2007 at 7:30 AM

Wednesday: 5.1 miles recovery
Thursday: 10.2 miles
Saturday: 4 miles recovery
Sunday: 15 miles

I did 15 miles on Sunday and was it ever cold. -15C and -30C with the wind chill. I had bought a face covering thing on Saturday in prep for the long run and it helped a little in keeping my face warm, but I found it quite uncomfortable. Tough to breath through that thing. I had used boiling water to make gatorade in the hopes of holding off the inevitable freezing of my water bottle, but it didn't help much. The nozzle froze up about 45 minutes into the run and by the time I finished, I had a solid block of ice in my hand. I ran the last hour and a half with no liquid intake. I do have another problem and that is dry feet. I have cracks now on the bottom of my feet due to the dry cold weather and they're a little painful. I've been using moisturizing lotion but it doesn't seem to be working.

I ended up doing about 10 laps around the shopping mall parking lot. I had originally set my mind on trying to find a new route, but I figurered that it wasn't a day to be experimenting. One thing about my long run was it seems that my HR came down compared to previously and my pace is getting a bit quicker. It's been a while since I averaged faster than a 9 min/mile for a long run so it seems to be coming back. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I've been running in slippery conditions for a while which forces me to be very efficient with running. The parking lot roadways were bone dry and the increase in efficiency shows.

Lap Lap Time
Lap Lap Time
1 09:05.40
9 08:09.30
2 08:49.90
10 08:33.80
3 08:43.10
11 08:27.70
4 08:58.00
12 08:35.30
5 08:29.90
13 08:39.20
6 08:39.60
14 08:44.30
7 08:44.00
15 08:28.40
8 08:28.70

Did a little under 42 miles this week.
This next week is looking to be more of the same cold weather, which I'm really starting to hate. This was about my limit in terms of weather.


Kristi said...

Try slathering your feet in Vaseline and then cotton socks when you sleep. This should help heal your poor dry feet.

L*I*S*A said...

You made my 12-mile run in -5 look silly. Awesome job, and sorry about the feet!

yumke said...

You are a trooper...

jen said...

I can't believe that weather... I am so impressed you did a long run in that cold. You rock.

Steve said...

I wouldn't last a day in those conditions.
Cmon....just move to California!