Damn snow.

on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 10:56 PM

Did 4 miles recovery run on Wednesday.
Did 11 miles today. Splits for today were:

Lap Lap Time
1 0:09:30
2 0:08:49
3 0:08:44
4 0:09:00
5 0:16:52
6 0:08:45
7 0:08:51
8 0:09:02
9 0:09:00
10 0:09:18
Lap 5 was actually 2 miles.

Temperature has been warm as of late, but hovering around freezing. It gets just warm enough during the day to start melting the snow, but it gets just cold enough at night to refreeze the melted water. This morning was just below freezing which caused the sidewalks to be covered with ice which isn't too bad if I can see the ice and can know where I have to tread lightly. Unfortunately about half way through the run, it started to snow resulting in a slight dusting of snow which covered up the ice patches. I ended up wiping out at mile 9 or 10 while making a turn and scraped my knee a bit. My knee isn't hurting, but I think I may have tweaked my ankle since it's a bit sore now.


jen said...

Sorry about the slip, make sure you ice that ankle. Take an extra day off if you need to, these things usually heal up pretty quick if rested. Great job on the run. :)

Bob said...

Hey Fran, take care of the ankle, vey nice LT splits there.

Steve said...

You poor thing.
Does it ever NOT snow where you live?