Treadmill running ain't so bad.

on Friday, February 9, 2007 at 10:22 PM

Or so I'm going to keep telling myself.

Yesterday, I did about 10 miles or that's what Garmin says I did. That however includes 2 miles that were done in about 6 minutes each, so unless I blacked out and channeled the spirit of Pheidippides, it was a little less than that. The temperature wasn't that cold, but the wind was really whipping around. About two miles in I really started wishing that I had gone to the gym instead. I have a 5 mile recovery run scheduled for tomorrow and a 17 mile long run on Sunday which I'm dreading. I'm giving real serious thought to doing it at the gym since I don't think I can handle my water bottle freezing again while going the full distance. Thankfully next week is a bit of a recovery week which will allow me to heal up my aches and pains that I've developed these past few weeks.


Steve said...

"Water bottle Freezing" that sound so weird! I admire you for putting up with those kinds of conditions. you better stay in the gym until summer.

Thanks for the info on LT runs-- Now I remember. We covered that in Dave Mc Governs racewalking clinic. My body's so screwed up, I'm probably in a constant state of lactic acidosis.

Have fun on that 17 miler....yikes!

Audrey said...

I used to have the waterbottle freezing thing in DC. I guess I haven't run that far in the winter up north yet (in the past 3 years). Kind of sad/pathetic!!!

Anyway, I've also run up to 12 miles on the treadmill. It's not bad. You have tv/music/food/water/bathroom at your disposal. People will think you're crazy. But hey, no big! Either way, way to get it done!!!!

L*I*S*A said...

I know what you mean. Yesterday I was determined to do a double-digit run, although I was only on schedule for 6 miles (cutback week), but I could only make it 8 miles. The wind started really whipping and as soon as it hit my drenched, sweaty body, it was all she wrote.

I'm considering my 16-miler next weekend on my TM as well.

We'll see.

I feel your pain.

Sonia said...

Hope your 17 miler went well wherever you ran it!! I was outside and it was cold, not as cold as last week but still in the -20.... grr, I thought we would skip winter this year after the great January we had.... let's hope for a WARM & HOT March!
Take care of your knee =)