2009 Year in Review

on Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 10:08 PM

Another training year comes to a close and looking back I topped out at 1891.1 miles which is the highest yearly total ever.  I came to this realization on January 30 and had considered trying to squeeze in an extra 8.9 miles on the 31st just to get me over 1900 for the year but decided against it.  I had an appointment to donate blood on the 31st which I had postponed from a few weeks earlier because I had thought i was coming down with something.  I had not given at all in 2009 and thought i should get at least one donation in for the calendar year. 

So 2009 will always be about Boston and the first time running it.  Actually there were a couple of marathon firsts for me this year, first time pacing a marathon, first time doing three in a calendar year.  Along the way, i did a bunch of races, but i think i only raced a handful.  For 2010, i'm going to try to not enter races unless I'm actually going to race them.  The one exception is Big Sur which is 6 days after Boston so i'll probably not be in any shape to do that fast.

As for what races I'll do this year.  There's Boston and Big Sur.  I'll probably do Harry's 8k cause it fits in nicely for a tune-up race for Boston.  I will apply for the lottery again for New York hoping to not get in.   I have not decided if I want to do a fall marathon if i don't get into NY.  I was looking at Berlin which I'd like to do one day as it's one of the five marathon majors, but i'm thinking that should wait until after i get a handle of when i'm doing New York.  I will probably be applying for the lottery for London in 2011 or even go the tour route which guarantees entry.  I also want to take another shot at the 100 pushup challenge which i started a while back but gave up on after a week

That's all i have planned at the moment or what I'm thinking about right now.  Here's to a happy, safe and injury free 2010.  Happy Running all!


Cindy said...

100 push up challenge: I'm picking up on week 5 where I left off in 2009.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Love your big plans for marathons! Happy New Year!

EndorphinBuzz said...

Happy new year and best of luck meeting your goals.