Once in a fortnight...

on Monday, January 25, 2010 at 6:05 AM

or i guess it's been a fortnight and a half since I last posted.  12 week training plan for Boston starts this upcoming week and I've been trying to slowly ramp up the mileage.  I did 40 miles three weeks ago, 44 miles two weeks ago but i kinda fell off the wagon this past week where I only got a 10 miler in during the week and a 15 mile long run on Sunday. 

Most of mileage to date has been of the slow base building type. I had hoped to try and do about 7 miles of my Sunday long run at a marathon pace effort to throw some speed back into the mix.  Drove down to the lake to do it which is the first time I've been down there in a long while.  Ran into Yumke during my slow warmup and stopped to chat for a bit.  Tried to crank out some marathon pace effort but i just wasn't feeling so great.  I did manage one mile at 7:45 min/mile pace and had hoped to continue this for a few more miles, but when i hit the turnaround point, the headwind was just too much and i had to slow down.  Still the overall pace for the 15 miles was 8:45 min/mile which was about 30 seconds/mile faster than i've been doing all my other runs for the past few weeks so I'm satisfied with the effort. 

We've been somewhat blessed this year with winter, or lack thereof.  There hasn't been too much snow and the weather has been relatively mild lately.  That's apparently going to change this upcoming week, but being able to get through January without too much snow has been nice which means I haven't had a need to signup for a gym membership.  Here's to hoping that February is just as nice. 


yumke said...

Oh, I know winter will come back. I`m sure of that! Good to see you Sunday, it was kinda funny I saw you right in front of my condo, funny timing.