January: Go get the donut

on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 9:56 PM

Got up at 4:45 this morning to get a 10 mile run in. This is the earliest I had ever gotten up to get a run in. This was also the first hard core run I've had this season. I bailed on a 12 mile long run on Sunday outside. It was too cold and windy and it was snowing and ended up doing at the gym.

There's something peaceful about running in the dark with no one around on a thin layer of freshly fallen snow. Though I had to work a bit harder cause of the snow, i managed to get through it at about 9:35 pace which i think is pretty good considering the blood donation last week.

I think however that this is about my limit for waking up early. I once got up at 5:15 once to get a 15 miler in and thankfully the 12 week training plan I'll be using tops out at only 12 miles for mid-week runs. I should hopefully speed up by then such that I won't have to wake up so early to squeeze the whole distance in.

Last year, I purchased a running calendar in February or March for 2009. It's amazing how cheap calendars get after January. I think I paid $2 for it. It's a running calendar with a little saying on each month with a running related picture. Here's the one for January:

 Go get that donut!!


yumke said...

Yep, it`s back on, this training thing. Love the calendar, i`d like to find a $2 running one too :)

Steve said...

Love the calendar!