Merry Christmas!

on Thursday, December 24, 2009 at 10:15 PM

I really gotta start posting more often...  So week 1 of marathon training which was last week was a bust cause i think i came down with a one day cold or something.  Did only one run of 6 miles which was on the Sunday which was my "long" run which i suppose is long if you haven't run at all during the week.  This week is (will be) slightly better.  Ran 6 miles on each of Tuesday and Wednesday.  Going to do 6 miles tomorrow morning and then a double digit run on Sunday. I think I'll try and build up the mileage slowly and then try for a 12 week training program for Boston. 

Merry Christmas/Festivus to you all!


Steve said...

Merry Christmas Francis!

Im thinking of doing a half marathon somewhere in Canada in 2010. I have a lot of asthmatic blogging friends up there and I thought it might be cool for some of us to get together and do a 22k.

I'll probably be asking you for recommendations .

See you in Boston? Did you get your application in on time?

Anonymous said...

Hope your 12 goes well on Sunday. Merry Christmas.

Cindy said...

Good luck with your Boston training! Hope you feel better soon!