The Winter Blahs

on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 10:44 PM

The past three weeks have seen me running twice, a 6 miler on the 7th and 10 miles yesterday. Both runs were relatively slow.  I'm suffering from a mild case of DOMS right now. 

An 18 week program to prep for the Boston marathon would start tomorrow with a 7 miler with some strides. Though I'm going to try and start it, I don't hold out much hope in being able to keep to the schedule.  With winter arriving soon, I'm dreading the colder weather days.  I went out in shorts and a long sleeve T yesterday.  It was just above freezing with little wind so that was bearable.  As the temperatures get colder, the wind gets nastier and the snow starts accumulating, my motivation starts to disappear and its far easier to role over in bed to sleep in, then to try to battle the elements outside for a training run.  I've been looking into signing up for a gym membership downtown so that I can fit in lunchtime or after work runs, but don't like the prices which are $80/month with a one year commitment.  From past experience, I wouldn't use the thing during the summer, so not sure I want to throw away the money.  Going to try the morning run thing for a while first though.


EndorphinBuzz said...

My motivation for running the winter is a reward race in LA in March if I can meet my objectives!

Consider running outside at lunch to save the gym membership if you have shower facilities in your building. That's what kept me in shape last year!

Quinto Sol said...

Get one of those two-week passes, and at the end see if you can sign-up on a monthly basis... or move to Southern California :-)

jen said...

Sorry to hear about the blahs. That sucks! It is common around here too, but for now I think the holidays are keeping me above water.

Maybe go with the 12 week program and give yourself a few more weeks of flexibility?

That's so expensive for a gym! Mine is only $24 a month. Are there any other options? I do agree with the 2-week trial. Go check it out! And if you do get the membership, you can make the most of it with weights, classes, etc.

Happy Holidays! :)