Week in Review

on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 9:12 PM

Last week went as follows.

Tuesday: 6 miles at recovery pace.

Wednesday: Little over 7 miles which included a couple of miles at marathon pace at the local track.  Was trying to get a gauge on HR vs. marathon pace.  Started the MP portion with two laps at faster than MP then slowed down to MP. HR was at about 167 for the marathon pace portion which was done at 7:23 pace.  Had the HR spike which had me a little concerned.  More details on this in another post.

Friday: Little over 5 miles recovery with 6 strides.

Saturday: 2 miles recovery

Sunday: Raced the Niagara Falls marathon in 3:14:24 and qualified for Boston 2010
(as he writes nonchalantly).  Race report to come, though it may take a few days. 


John Lee said...

Congrats on the BQ - esp. on the windy Niagara course.

Steve said...

YE HA ! Congrats!!! Guess I'll be seeing you in Boston next year?

yumke said...

Woo hoo! you going to boston, right?

Arcane said...

thanks all. Yes, I fully intend to be there.