2 marathons, 2 coasts, 6 days...

on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 9:14 PM

Yes, I fully intend to be in Boston for the marathon next year. It's kinda funny cause guess what arrived in the mail today?

This was a training shirt for the Boston 2 Big Sur challenge being offered by the Big Sur marathon. I had always intended to do the Big Sur marathon in 2010, but at the beginning of the year i had heard that in light of it being the 25th anniversary of Big Sur in 2010 that they were going to offer a new entry in which you did Boston and then 6 days later, you did Big Sur. You get a bunch of extra things like the training shirt and a jacket. I thought it would be kinda neat to be part of a group of only 400 people able to say that they did this.  I had thought that this was only going to be a one time event, but it seems that they are going to be offering this every year now.  Oh well.  Sign up for this event took place back at the beginning of September. The problem for me was that I had not actually qualified to run Boston in 2010 as my previous qualifier was only valid for 2009 and I wasn't going to be able to wait until after I qualified cause I was sure it was going to sell out, so i took the chance and registered. I think I was probably filling out the online entry form in September, 2 minutes after it opened but even then 74 other people had been able to register before me. Not wanting to upset the running gods about boasting about running a race that I hadn't technically qualified to run yet, i was very reluctant to tell anyone. 

Well with the BQ now out of the way, I can now proudly announce my intention to do both next year.  Winter training should be fun, assuming i can find the time.


chris mcpeake said...

This sounds very cool.

yumke said...

Nice! Now that I've done the two in 8 days, I know it's totally possible. you're going to have a blast.

Steve said...

You are certifiably crazy! But if I was young and healthy Id probably do the same. You're aware that Big Sur is incredibly hilly , right?

Of course, I'll be there to cheer you on. Actually, my friend Hansi ( she's an elite runner) lives in Carmel and always has a post marathon party at her house. You're of course welcome.

Where will you be staying?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

That sounds amazing!! You can totally do it!

Steve said...

I think it's so cool that your doing these two marathon back to back.

The Expo is in Monterey, but I would recommend staying in Carmel-by-the-sea. It's a wonderful little community on the ocean, just a few miles south of Monterey.The cool thing about Carmel, is that you can walk the entire town. There's lots of small shops and things to see and do. They also have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Book early though, as it can be quite expensive.
You could also stay in Monterey. There's a wharf there and of course the Aquarium. You could do Carmel as a side trip.

What airport will you be flying into?

Btw, my 66 yo friend Hansi Rigney, who has a home in Carmel, does both of these marathons every year and has placed 1st at Big Sur for the past 7 years and always places 1st or 2nd at Boston (in her age division). She's an amazing athlete. She's also a superb swimmer ,racewalker and cook. ( She's Italian)

Remember, you still owe me dinner.
Carmel has some nice restaurants..lol

Steve said...

Maybe work your way across the USA ending at Big Sur?

Love2Run said...

Congrats on the BQ but signing up for the challenge was certainly tempting the marathon gods! I was tempted to do this as well but waited too long and missed my chance. Good luck with your 5k too!