Nissan 5k Report

on Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 3:02 PM

Short story is that I finished in 20:25 which is a bit slower than the time I ran last week. Go figure. I felt that I paced this race a lot better though, albeit with a bid of a fade in the middle, but not because I went out too fast, but because there was a wicked head wind. Weather was overcast and there was a bit of a drizzle at the start. Other than the wind, it was pretty good racing weather.

Having learned my lesson last time, I didn't want to be anywhere near the front at the start of the race. Race starts and everyone seems to be going out at the right pace. I hit the first km marker at 4 min flat. Perfect pacing. One issue I had was that my HR spiked during the first km. I had warmed up as best I could, but was afraid this was going to happen. I got through the race last week with no issues, but today the HR would remain elevated for almost half the race. I pulled up behind a bunch of people that seem to be going at the right pace and cruise along passing the 1 mile mark at 6:26 which is again perfect. Continue along with the 2nd km at 4:01. Shortly after the 2km mark, the field splits up with the 5k people turning around and the 10 mile people continuing on. Unfortunately all the people I was pacing off of were doing the 10 miler so once I hit the turnaround there were only a couple people in front of me and around me. Once we turn around there is a headwind that caused me to slow down. With my HR still spiking, it was hard to gauge the effort. The few stragglers that were doing the 5k with me were all slowing down too much so I had to pass them. 3km split is 4:13. My HR settled down shortly after the 3 km mark. 4km split is the slowest of the race. I was running this km alone though I could hear footsteps behind me. I think a bunch of people were using me to block the wind. Bastards! 4km split was 4:18. Last km would turn out to be my fastest, but even so, about three guys (who I think were the ones using me to block the wind) passed me in the final km. Geez thanks guys. Tried to hold them off, but was basically running as fast as i could and they ended up passing me. Last km was in 3:53.

Lap Lap Time Pace
1 04:00.3 06:26.7
2 04:01.4 06:28.5
3 04:13.1 06:47.3
4 04:17.8 06:54.9
5 03:52.8 06:14.7

Other than the portion where the HR was spiking, maximum HR was again 193 which was right at the end. Again I faded at km 3 and 4 though I think it had to do with the wind. I have to work on pushing in these km harder though my HR for km 4 averaged about 190, so i'm not sure I could have gone much faster. I think it may be a sign that my LT has slipped a bit. I may try another one soon, but I think I have to build up my LT and endurance before i do. Maybe in the fall.


yumke said...

Hey, 20:25 is freaking fast. I looked up your results at the end. I think you can go faster in the middle miles. Maybe for one race, put aside the heart rate monitor and just race the best you can without looking for that type of feedback. Of course, the wind is not a good thing at all. Looked out for you but didn't see you (I saw you at the 2.5K mark and at the end).

Sonia said...

I agree with Kenny, leave the HR alone or even the watch, remember when you BQ'ed?! Seems like you're too focused on it maybe? What I know is that 20:25 is still a great result! And the drafters suck!!

Arcane said...

I hear you both. It's just in the past I always have difficulty gauging effort without the HR which causes me to go out too fast. Like at scotiabank last year, i ran that without the HR and blew up. Granted I haven't run a race without the HR in a while now so maybe i've overcome that problem. I'll give it some more thought.