Another 5k attempt

on Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 11:15 PM

Tuesday: Did about 6 miles including some VO2Max intervals around the track. Did only 3x800 and 2x400m. HR was spiking all over the place and I was just out of energy. I think it may have had something to do with bad sleep.

Today: Did a little over 9 miles which included 4 miles at LT pace. It was very cool today. Started out at 14C which was refreshing. Headed over to the track to do 16 laps of LT which I ended up averaging 6:51 pace for. I did these at the track cause I wanted to throw in some intervals at 5k pace after to try and get used to the feeling of running 5k pace on tired legs. I was only able to handle an 800 and then 2x400m at 5k pace afterwards. Needed to use walking recoveries cause I was pretty tired after each rep.

Signed up for another 5k race this weekend. Will try again for sub 20. Hope to be able to go out at the proper pace this time and hold on. I think this will be my last 5k attempt at least for this summer. I will next try a 10k at the end of July to hopefully break 42 minutes and then I get my wisdom teeth pulled!! Yah!!!! Depending on how that recovery goes I will probably then start training for a fall half. I haven't decided on Chicago yet, but it's looking more likely that I won't do it this year.


Sonia said...

Good luck on Sunday =)

Too bad about losing your Chicago entry but you did BQ already!

Re-wisdom teeth, hope it won't be too painful. Mine hurt a lot and I looked like a hamster for a couple of weeks!! Got all 4 removed at the same time lol

Ryan said...

Congrats on another PR. I just wrote about how frustrated I am with the 5k! Keep up the hard work. I am tempted to run another one, too... but also realize these are not important for the marathon.