Weather Update...

on Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 9:58 PM

Did 6 miles recovery run today in the morning. I forgot to mention that I did a 6 mile recovery run on Tuesday also. I also did about 1.5 miles after work today to calibrate my foot pod for 7:15 pace around the local track. It felt kinda weird cause I drove to the track so that I could run around it. I'm supposed to be tapering so I didn't want to burn extra effort jogging to and from the track. Did 2 lap warmup and then started into it. Turns out that the foot pod didn't really need calibrating to begin with. Did 4 laps while doing 7:15 pace and it measured it to be 402m, 399m 396m and 398m. Close enough.

The temperature looks good for Sunday, starting at 8C and finishing at about 14C. Weather forecast is now predicting the winds again coming from the east at 30km/hr. No rain at least. I guess I was hoping yesterday that by registering yesterday it would lock the weather in at whatever the prediction was at that time. Guess not. I'm waiting for tomorrow when I can get hourly predictions of the wind forecasts. I'm still hoping that the the 30km/hr winds are going to come later in the day and won't be around in the morning.


yumke said...

Good luck with tomorrow's race!