Long run

on Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 11:34 PM

Did 13.4 miles today. Average 8 min/mile, though the later miles were closer to 7:50 pace or so. Ran this with the foot pod rather than the garmin. I ran a 13.25 mile course that I've measured using Google Earth and the foot pod measured it to be 13.27. Pretty accurate. Much better than what garmin would usually give me. I tacked on a little bit at my Boston pace at the end to bump it up to 13.4 miles. i think the garmin has been giving me a false sense of pace during training making me think I'm going faster than I actually am going. This recent training cycle, I've depending more on Google earth to measure pace after the fact than the garmin and found that it has worked well. It's a bit of a hassle to plot routes and things, but once you get a few routes plotted, it's easy to tack on new detours onto existing routes to add mileage.

Speaking of garmin, the garmin 405 has been released and the reviews have started trickling in. Looks neat!


Sonia said...

We know you're going to go for the marathon ;-)

Have you purshased one of these 405 babies yet?