Race pics!

on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 11:00 PM

Did 5 miles recovery on Wednesday and 3 miles recovery today. Will probably try and squeeze in 6 miles recovery tomorrow.

Race pics from the race last Sunday. Let's see. Here are five pics of me looking at the ground.

Fooling around in photoshop, i made this animated gif of the first four pictures so it looks like I'm running.

Action Shot (sorry for the size)

Finish Line Pic. Kinda looking at the ground.

All Done. It's hard to see,
but I have a dead bug on my nose.


yumke said...

Love the action shot. you look very strong in the finish photos!

Sonia said...

cool gif pic! I couldn't see the bug! lol

jen said...

You were right- you're totally fighting the wind in all these pics!

But that animation is so awesome. Love it!! The bug on the nose is classic. :)