Week 1 of marathon training

on Sunday, January 28, 2007 at 11:11 AM

Did a 4 mile recovery run yesterday and did 14 miles today. Averaged 9:27 today. It seems my HR is back under control, at least it's now below 160 which is what I've been trying to get back to. Pace is way down though.

Lap Time
1 10:08.20
2 09:43.30
3 09:39.30
4 09:46.60
5 09:16.10
6 09:18.60
7 10:09.60
8 08:59.20
9 09:04.40
10 09:37.20
11 09:06.40
12 09:04.40
13 09:06.30
14 09:21.30

So there was a few cm of snow on the ground and I tried to do my normal route which includes a couple of miles around a local track but the snow there was a bit too deep for my liking and the sidewalks and roads were still a bit slippery since they haven't been plowed yet. I ended up running around the parking lot of the mall that I usually do my LT runs around. 9 laps around the parking lot. Man that was boring. I"m not sure what happed in lap 7. I think the garmin just had a hiccup. I had a brief HR spike again during the 11th lap and i checked again and it does seem that my heart goes into some sort of fluttering mode which might be an arrhythmia of some sort which probably isn't good. Considering that I've had these problems with my HR monitor before, it might be a chronic thing. I have to get it checked out. Anyhow I stopped for about 30 seconds and it went back into normal beating mode.

Just over 40 miles for the week. By the way, I'm pretty much done all my work things that are due at the end of this month. I have some last minute things I have to do today. I tried to do them yesterday but the server at work crashed. The IT guy is looking at it this morning. Hopefully it'll be fixed by the time I get in.

Thanks for reading all.


Steve said...

Ive heard of mall walkers , but never parking lot runners.That would drive me batty, going in circles, but I guess you have to be resourceful when you live where it snows a lot.

You're heart felt like it was fluttering? or the garmin was just acting up? Big difference and potentially dangerous.

Even though you're still young, if you were experiencing a true arrhythmia , don't mess around , get it checked out! Explain your symptoms to your doctor, have your EKG checked.

Listen to your big brother (lol)

Running Rabbit said...

Excellent....much better than mine!

L*I*S*A said...

Sounds like the training is starting off well! Keep it up... :)

jen said...

Great job getting your mileage in in that weather! Definitely keep us updated on your heart rate thing... but I'm sure you'll be fine. :)

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Sonia said...

Congrats on the long run! Great job, especially in this icy-cold weather!

Keep it up =)

Adama Anderson said...

Your pace time looks great in my books (you may want it better, but I'm at about 11 mins/mile and your 9 minutes looks great.) Good luck with the running.

Arcaner said...

steve: I think my heart actually flutters. I stopped to manually take my pulse and my watch has a flashing heart that corresponds with the pulse so I'm pretty sure it's not a misreading.