LT run repeated

on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 11:05 PM

Headed to the gym after work today to get my run in. I was supposed to do 8 miles with 10 strides but it's hard to do strides on a treadmill. So I redid the tempo run from last week to see where the HR is at. In total I did 7.5 miles including a 5 minute cool down since the treadmill limits me to an hour. It included 4 miles at 8.2 miles/hour (7:19 pace). HR slowly drifted up during the LT portion. I also had the HR problem at the beginning. It could have been the monitor being finicky since it will usually shoot way up if it's the fluttering thing. The HR seemed to drift upward during the LT portion which could have been because I didn't have any water with me and so I ended up getting a little dehydrated. I also wore my Halo Headband to the gym for the first time. For those that tend to get sweat in their eyes, this thing is amazing. I highly recommend it.


Sonia said...

I get sweat in my eyes all the time if I don't wear a baseball cap..... the headband seems very nice but I'm not sure that it would look that great on a woman!

I wanted to ask you if you chose a marathon yet? I can't remember if you mentionned which one you're running