Marathon training begins!

on Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 11:42 AM

I didn't get out like I had planned on Friday morning. Just couldn't drag myself out of bed. Did do about 3.5 miles yesterday at really slow pace and did a 12.8 mile long run this morning. It's been almost two weeks since I last did any sort of running and it definitely shows. I think I've lost a lot of fitness. I've noticed my resting HR is up and my run today was not that great. My HR was going beyond my upper limit for long runs at a pace that I've been able to manage at recovery HR over the past month. On the plus side, my blood pressure has dropped since I started being a bit my conscious about my salt and water intake.

Mile Lap Time
1 00:09:10.80
2 00:08:59.80
3 00:08:59.40
4 00:09:28.20
5 00:09:27.20
6 00:09:20.70
7 00:09:16.60
8 00:09:32.40
9 00:09:24.40
10 00:09:21.40
11 00:09:24.00
12 00:09:30.80
12.8 mile

It was -12C when I headed out today. I don't think I've ever run outside when it was this cold. Last year, I would have gone to the gym with this type of temperature but long run treadmill running at the gym is a bit tough cause the treadmills automatically shut down after an hour which means I have to restart which I rarely do if there are people waiting. i guess I jsut feel guilty hogging the thing. So I bundled up and was actually pretty comfortable running outside. it was sunny and it helped that there was no wind.

It's now 16 weeks to a May 13 marathon which means if I want to possibly BQ, I've got to start training now. I considered the 12 week Pfitz plan and though it'll allow me to finish in reasonable shape, I don't think it'll give me enough training to get me into BQ shape. So I think I'll just jump into the 18 week Pfitz 55 mile week plan at the 3rd week. It's probably not the wisest thing to do, cause Tuesday has a 4 mile LT run and I haven't run at that pace since a race back in November, but I guess I'll have to see how the body handles it. I'm hoping that I can regain my lost fitness relatively quickly. So plan for the week is:

Tuesday 8 miles general aerobic/4 miles LT
Wednesday 4 miles recovery
Thursday 10 miles general aerobic
Saturday 4 miles recovery
Sunday 14 miles long run.


Sonia said...

hey good to see you back! Nice splits from your 12 miler, too bad about your HR, isn't crazy how much fitness you can lose in like 2 weeks?

Today was only -4oC here but felt very cold with the wind. I was getting cold near the end.... probably I should invest in some more winter running gear, but it's so expensive! I'm only a poor grad student!!

Anyway, hope the plan you choose will go well.

Running Rabbit said...

That is real similar to what Bob has me on...But my fitness is not nearly strong enough. Or my knee for that matter. I'm about to give up!!

Adama Anderson said...

Good luck. I ran my first 10K today, so while you're doing a marathon...i'm going for the half-marathon.

Steve said...

Hi Francis, I see you've been busy with marathon plans too. Where do you get such elaborate charts.

L*I*S*A said...

I'm sure you'll bounce back in no time. Just listen to your body while you're running..all will be fine.

Arcaner said...

Sonya: Other than with shoes I'm pretty cheap with my running gear too. I don't think I've paid more than $40 for any piece of clothing. Costco has some cheap running gear once in a while. I paid $25 for a nice thick semi-wind proof top.

adama: good luck with the training.

Steve:It's the polar software that comes with my HR monitor. It produces a whole bunch of nifty reports.