First LT run of this cycle.

on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 8:16 AM

Did 8 miles with 4@LT pace. My HR is still up. The sidewalks aren't quite clear of snow/ice so I went to the shopping mall to do the LT portion around the parking lot which is pretty good cause it's clear and it's lighted which helps cause it's still dark outside in the morning. The good thing about doing Pfitz plan again is that I can compare my performance now with what I did last time. The last time I did this workout was back in July. Unfortunately it seems that I'm doing the same pace, but at a higher HR, which is probably a result of my 2 week layoff. Hopefully my paces and HR will come down soon. My Boston pace is 7:15 so a 7:30 LT run just won't cut it. Heck I averaged 7:30 for a the entire marathon back in October so I'm kinda disappointed with this.

Lap Lap Time
2 07:27.10
3 07:24.20
4 07:32.70
5 07:26.70

I had a HR problem in the first lap. I'm not sure if it's the monitor or if my heart really is beating that fast. I stopped after the first lap to try to adjust the HR strap and tried to measure my pulse and it seemed to be fluttering. It settled down after than, but it's something to try and keep track of.


Bob said...

Well like you said it is your first one, give it time. I find that the MP runs are better tests and indicators, keep working you will get there.

So are you thinking the low HR traiining was not enough work for you during the "slow period" of running between now and the marathon.

Arcaner said...

It's hard to say. The two weeks of no running definitely took it's toll. I think I could have done the run faster, but my HR was up around 185 when I normally try and keep it down below 180 for LT runs. Will have to see how the next LT run goes. I may try to do it again next week.