Low mileage week

on Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 10:36 PM

Just a quick update. I did 9 miles on Tuesday last week and 3 miles yesterday for a whopping grand total of 12 miles last week. That's the lowest mileage week I've done since I came down with the flu in March and skipped a week.

I wanted to do a longer run today and the weather was nice, but I gave blood on Thursday and found that the 3 miler yesterday was real hard. I couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning and ended up skipping it.

My computer crashed last week and wouldn't boot at all. I ended up having to reinstall everything which included my RSS reeder. While waiting for things to reinstall, I discovered the Google RSS reader which I think is a little better than Bloglines.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. I was mostly confused. I'm hoping that the advice of you guys who've done Pfitz before will keep me from doing something dumb and getting hurt.
Should my long run pace be slower than my lactate threshold? For example: the guide says LT runs should be done at 1/2 marathon pace (9:00/mile for me) but it also says that if I want to run 8:00 miles at my race my long run pace should be between 8:40ish and 9:30ish. So I should run LT at 9:00/miles and LR's at 9:30?

Anonymous said...

Hi Francis, Forgot to mention, just type in "clubloco" in the coupon box at the check-out page of the Loco website(www.locorunning.com/prod.php) and you'll get $30.00 off any style of shoe PLUS a free t- shirt or singlet.


Perry said...


It's tough to get workouts in during the winter months eh? Especially with no big race coming up soon. I'm training for the Tampa Bay marathon (Feb 15) but it is really tough to get into it.

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