2006 - Year in review

on Sunday, December 31, 2006 at 11:00 AM

I hope everyone's holidays went (are going) well. I realized that I have a whole 4 blog posts for the month of December. Not good.

Christmas was fine though it was the first time in a few years that we didn't have a white Christmas, so that kinda sucked. No running related gifts this year, though I wasn't expecting any. Normally, we would have the week off between Christmas and New Years but I have a lot of deadlines in January so I ended up going into work, starting on the 26th. With very few people being around, I thought I'd try and see how much of a beard I could grow. That's a weeks worth of growth. Yeah pretty pathetic. I shaved it off yesterday.

Well i squeezed in 40 miles this week which is what I was hoping to get back to by the end of the year. Almost all of it again at low HR. I haven't been able to successfully keep track of my pace at low HR cause it seems to fluctuate a lot. Today I did 13 miles and my three lap track test had me at a pace of 9:22@ a HR of 150. About a month ago, I was able to do a pace of 9:06 @ 150. Earlier in the week I was just under 10 min/miles for that test, though I'm sure that the Christmas gorging had something to do with that.

As for the year 2006, I managed 1864.9 miles for the year which included 2 marathons, a half marathon, a 30k, three 10k's, and a 5k. I'm quite happy with the progress made this year, being able to set PR's in all the distances on pretty much nothing but marathon training. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to top this mileage in 2007 though, as I found I had very little spare time.

What does 2007 bring? I'd like to try and BQ but I haven't quite decided when the attempt will be. I've pretty much decided on doing a spring marathon on May 13th that will either be Mississauga or Forest City. Not sure which one yet. I'll have to see how the training goes. If I think I have a realistic shot at achieving my BQ time, then I'll do Mississauga which is net downhill and I've run previously, otherwise I'll do the other one. I also plan on a fall marathon, but haven't figured out where yet. It will really depend on whether I can BQ in the spring. I'd also like to meet some goals for the shorter distances,. Ideally ones that match my BQ time according to McMillan or Daniels Vdot tables.The Vdot tables are a bit more conservative for predicting times for shorter distances based on a longer distance so I'll go with them.

2007 goals

3:10:59 - marathon (BQ)
1:31:41 - half-marathon
41:24 - 10km
sub 20 min - 5km

So there it is. I hope everyone's holidays went well and that January 1st will bring you all a prosperous new year and faster race times!


Anonymous said...

You had a great year. And nice goals for the next one! Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Do I detect a new look?

If you want to do a little traveling , join me at the Eugene marathon in April or the San Francisco marathon in July
Have a great NEW YEAR buddy!

Perry said...

1800 plus miles!! That was awsome. Nice year complete with PRs in all distances. I can only hope to do that well next year. I was happy to make 1500 miles.

Happy New Year and good luck with the goals next year. We look forward to reading about them.

Have you considered doing a 50-miler yet? I'm doing one next year. And maybe the 100-miler too. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like 2006 was great for you! Awesome job on the mileage and races, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! May this one be s good as the last.

So.. that picture behind you in the photo -- that what you were going for?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on an outstanding year. 1800+ is amazing. With the miles you're putting in and your commitment that you've already demonstrated, you will achieve your goals in 2007.

Sonia said...

What an awesome year!!! 1800+ miles!! I'm amazed! I hope you are very proud of your accomplishments!! =) Good luck this year for the BQ you can totally do it =)

Anonymous said...

Everyone is posting their running goals....Sheesh...I really don't have that ambition yet....Should I?

Arcaner said...

Thanks all!

Perry: 50 miles?? I think the marathon is long enough. Couldn't imagine having to do almost twice the distance. Good luck with it. Are you going to juggle the whole way??

Jelly: I was wondering if anyone would notice that. It was there by accident!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck meeting your goals in 2007. Happy New Year!

Nice beard by the way! :)