My Hood (kinda)

on Thursday, February 11, 2010 at 11:04 PM

Slowly building up the miles.  Managed to get up at 4:45 this morning for an 11 mile run which surprised the heck out of me.  Had an after work engagment and knowing that I wouldn't be able to do the run afterwork was pretty much the only thing that allowed me to get it done in the morning. 

Last week i did 40 miles which included a 15 mile long run downtown.  In fact, it was the same route I did two weeks ago. Took my point and shoot camera with me.  I got a small waterproof camera for Christmas and it's the first time I've really used it.  I initially had thoughts of filming my swimming stroke or checking out my flip turns, but as with any piece or pricey technology, there's just something about dunking it into water that doesn't seem right.  I've been thinking of maybe doing the Boston marathon part II picture thing.  One thing from last year was i don't think i got enough pictures of the race itself.  Sure I had a lot of pictures of me standing in front of mile markers but i had very little else from the race which i sort of regret. I'm definitely going to do the picture thing in Big Sur. Anyhow, i thought i'd give you a tour of my waterfront route since it was such a nice day, not a cloud in the sky and very little snow on the ground.. 

 Boats Stuck in Water

 Closer look at artwork

Boats anchored for the winter

 Skating rink at Harbourfront

 Pier at the harbourfront

 Sailboat without sails




 More Birds

 Pictures taken on the run

 Swans, (wonder if these are the same ones from last year)

 Floating restaurant on a boat

More Boats 

The Beach where i start and end my route


yumke said...

Nice! It's like reviewing my own running routes. I'm probably going do take pictures as well as i do Boston.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Seen it obviously in the summer, but it's actually kinda pretty in the winter with the ice and snow, great pictures!

Robin said...

Nice pics!!

Steve said...

Good Fran...You can take some pictures of me as you as pass my butt up on the

So odd to see snow at a beach.

How on earth do you manage to always take such nice pictures? I love that CN tower thingy?

I'll definitely be in Boston and hope to see you there. I plan on at least starting the race. If I have to drop out, no big deal. (It's not like I'm trying to set a record.) I just love the excitement of it all.

See you in 2 months!

jen said...

Nice pictures! That ice is amazing. Sounds like your training is really coming along. Keep up the great work! :)

EndorphinBuzz said...

Neat route, thanks for sharing!

Sonia said...

Sounds like a nicer place than the refineries to run (which is where we run)!

I see that you ran Niagara Falls marathon! You probably passed me and my BF, we were doing the half.

Happy running Francis!

Cindy said...

So are very lucky to have this route!