Happy (inter)National Running Day

on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 8:39 PM

Hope people went off for some sort of physical activity today, preferably a run of some sort.

Did 6 miles recovery today.

Yesterday, my two week training quest to try and break 20 minutes in the 5k started. i headed to the track to do 5x1000m at 4:00min/km with a little over 2 minutes of recovery between each. I figured that if I couldn't get through this workout at this pace then i had no shot at being able to maintain it over 5000 consecutive metres in 2 weeks. Started off with 3 miles at recovery pace and then launched into it.

Lap Time Pace HR Max
03:56.2 06:20.1 184
03:56.8 06:21.1 216
03:55.8 06:19.5 191
03:57.2 06:21.7 192
04:00.1 06:26.4 190

HR spiked during the second one, but settled back down during the recovery period. Was just barely able to get through this workout. HR topped out at 192 during the 4th one which is I think the highest I've ever been able to get it during a training session. I was able to get it to 193 during a 5k race last year. The last repeat was tough.

Can I get to 20 min? Maybe. I was looking at the course and it doesn't look too favourable to a PR though. The course is on one of the runways at the local airport and consists of two out and backs. You start in the middle, head down one way, do a hairpin turn, run back past the start/finish line, run down to the other end, do another hairpin turn and then run back to the finish line. So with the two turns, I'm not entirely sure that this race will allow me to get where I need to be. However, all is not lost though, as there is another 5k race at the end of June which i think is probably better to try and go sub-20. It's a fairly fast race as 39 people last year broke 20 minutes whereas only 5 people were able to do it at the airport run. It also will give me a whole month of faster paced training which has been severly lacking from my routine.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

wow, speedy runs, and heart rate certainly reflects your effort, well done! I still think you'll do sub-20 :)

yumke said...

You can do it! Remember, gut it out, it's 20 minutes of pain. Every 5K I've done recently, I've made a point of pacing off people (or chasing others down) and never let those around you drag you down if they start to slow... And saving a higher gear for near the end also helps.