Weight gain.

on Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 4:39 PM

My weight as of late has dropped. I've noticed in the past that right after a marathon I'm usually a few pounds lighter and Boston was no exception. I'm hovering at around 140 pounds when normally i would be around 143. I consumed a Costco bag worth of of M&M's this past week and thought i would probably put on some pounds, but nothing yet. Maybe because the rest of my diet has been pretty poor trying to compensate for the increase in calories. No more junk food until after Ottawa.

Did 10.2 miles on Friday and averaged about 8:35 pace and did 4.1 miles today at recovery pace.

Changed the battery in my Polar HR monitor today. I've been getting weird measurements on it as of late. Sometimes it works fine, other days, it's very finicky. The manual says that if i use it for an hour a day, it should last about two years. I think i changed it last a little over a year ago. The run today had no problems; will have to see how the 20 miler tomorrow goes. It may have only lasted a year cause I used a cheap Radio Shack battery that probably doesn't pack much juice. i ended up buying a Sony battery from the local watch jeweler this time that should hopefully last longer.


yumke said...

Wish I could have your problem right now :)