Week so far

on Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 9:20 AM

Tuesday: Did little over 8 miles with 8 strides thrown in.

Wednesday: Did 8 miles with 3 of them @7min/mile pace. Was supposed to do 3x1600m at 5k pace but i don't want to cram in too much speed at this point. I have a 5k race in the middle of June and I should probably start working in repeats after Ottawa.

Friday: Did 5 miles recovery. Didn't get back from run until after 11pm. Though running at recovery heart rate, pace was under 9 min/mile which is probably a result of it being cool outside.

So marathon is next Sunday. Look at the weather forecasts for the week has been interesting. A couple of days ago, they were predicting highs of 26C for race day. Yikes! Now its a high of 18C which is a little more reasonable though still a bit warm for someone that's been running in sub 10C weather for the past few months.

Looks like i'm driving to ottawa next week. i was torn between flying and driving. Flying has less hassles and i don't have to sit in a car for 5 hours each way, but with driving I can bring more stuff and can come and go as i please. In the end, the bringing more stuff with me won out. I can bring my foam roller and stick which wouldn't make it past security in my carry-on. Also, with the more space, i can bring my tripod which will allow me to get some nice night time pictures of Parliament Hill. Here's one from a few years ago.

So i still have a bandage on my knee. The bandage is supposed to be left on as long as possible. I'm going to take it off on Monday morning if it lasts till then. I can't fully bend my knee because of it and i haven't been able to stretch one of my quads which means there's a bit of an imbalance in my stretching routine. My one leg is more flexible than the other. Probably not good.

12 miles tomorrow. I was thinking of driving downtown to run by the lake, but it's looking to be quite cool and windy. Will probably do it up here.


yumke said...

That'll be a fun trip, you'll have to drive back on Sunday afternoon?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

have a great run tomorrow where ever you decide to do it! You'll do great in Ottawa.

yumke said...

Hey, the bookstore down the street (I'm in DC right now) has 2nd edition in stock as of yday.. You want me to pick it up for you? I'm sure we'll bump into each other at some point.

Sonia said...

Hope you enjoy the drive and run!!!

jen said...

Good luck and hope your leg loosens up this week. Take it easy. Have a safe trip!

Quinto Sol said...

Dude - Don't give up on pacing... I am wiling (and hopefully able :-)) to join you on another "adventure."