Race pics

on Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 8:19 PM

Was supposed to due 12 miles on Friday but it rained the entire day and I still wasn't in the mood to run in the rain.  I also think I may be coming down with something so I skipped the run yesterday and did 10 miles this morning at the gym a little faster than recovery pace cause it was really windy this morning.  I picked up my race kit for the Angus Glen 10 miler tomorrow.  I'm supposed to do 20 miles and what I think I'll do is get there early and squeeze in 10 miles before and then run the race as a long run.  I don't think it's going to be a really fast course cause it's on golf course paths.  People are supposed to seed themselves based on their 10k time, but in my experience self seeding doesn't work that well and when you throw in that the paths are only a bit wider than the average sidewalk, i think there's going to be a lot of difficulty in running it unless you're right at the front.

Race pics for ATB came out.

This is me doing my superman impression.  I ran with a jacket over my bib number and realized that I wasn't going to get any pics if I didn't show it.  I never did get the bib number showing and instead flashed my napa marathon shirt from last year.  I had to browse through the lost and found to find this. They may have been more of me, but I lost interest after browsing through over 1000 pics.
This is the finish line pic with the jacket fully unzippered.


yumke said...

nice pictures. Don't think they took may more, some at the last kilometre mark outside. hope today's race went well.