Getting prepped...

on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 8:37 PM

Did 9.5 miles this morning at 8:52 pace.  It's still dark when I got out, but that should hopefully change tomorrow since I have a relatively short run which means i can actually leave after sunrise and get back in time to prep for work.  My leg muscles are a bit tight I'm been foam rolling and "Stick"ing them.  I probably should have booked a massage appointment for this week.  

So there are a couple of things I have to do before leaving for Boston.  I obviouslly have to pack, which is a bit troublesome since the weather seems to be forecasting rain.  I'd like to bring my running gear in my carry-on but with wide ranging weather forecasts I don't think i can cram everything I want in there. 

There's supposed to be a Runners World Forum Event on Saturday in which a gift exchange occurs. They guy I'm buying for a fellow Canadian in Sarnia.  I ended up buying the new edition of "Once a Runner"  (Thanks Audrey) which just came out last week.  The book which has been out of print usually sells for ridiculour prices second hand, so it was perfect timing.  I ordered it online on Friday and I'm still waiting for it to be delivered. I'm hoping that it gets here before I leave cause otherwise I'm going to have to find something else or buy the book  at a brick and mortar store. 


Melanie said...

Yikes, after ATB, I hope you get good weather for Boston!

Audrey said... OAR copy showed up RIGHT away from Amazon so hopefully yours isn't too far behind.

i'm so excited for you to go to Boston! I wish i could be there to cheer you on but alas, i'm off learning/interning in DC!!!

have a wonderful time!!

Steve said...

I have the same dilemma . I thought I would be able to cram everything in my carry on , but I have way too much stuff that I need to bring. I don't really trust the airlines , so I'm going to put my race clothes and shoes in my carry on, and the rest of my crap in checked luggage.

Have a safe trip!

jen said...

Make sure you at least have the essentials in your carry on (shoes, one outfit, garmin, etc). I really hope you have good weather though. :)

Reluctant Runner said...

Hey, Arcane. I've been lurking since discovering we both ran ATB. Best of luck in Boston. What a tremendous accomplishment to get there! I look forward to checking back to read your race report.