8 days and counting...

on Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 8:12 PM

Did a little over 9 miles on Friday with 5x600m at VO2Max pace.  Pace wise these were all over the place.


I did the first one at about the right pace and then did a 90 second recovery as is customary with Pfitz's 600m VO2Max recovery.  Did the second one also at the right pace with the 90 second recovery but when I launched into the third one I was sucking wind pretty bad and ended up having to slow down.  Then proceeded to take a 4.5 minute break cause I was pretty pooped.  Then did the last two with more extended recovery periods. 

Today I did a 4 mile recovery run at about 9:40 pace. 

So a little under a week from now, I will be in Boston.  I booked my flight, but I'm not to happy with it. My flight leaves at 6:30 in the morning on Friday and has a stopover in Philadelphia. At the time I booked it, it was almost double the cost to do anything else.  If I had waited a few more days, I could have picked up a direct flight leaving at a reasonable time for only about a hundred dollars more which I would have more than happily have accepted.

I found myself shopping for a running outfit today for race day.  I'm not normally fashion conscious when it comes to races but thought i should probably look to see if anything caught my eye.  Nope.  I also picked up a copy of the May issue of Runner's World today cause I noticed there are a few articles on Boston related things.

So I"ve been trying to see if it might be possible to blog during the actual race.  I'm not entirely sure if it would be worthwhile to suffer the aggrevation that I would get from work about the roaming charges for data if I did.  I set up a twitter account based on Yumke's recommendation and i'm still trying to figure out how it works but that may be an option.  I may end up giving that to people I know but I'm still trying to keep the blog away from people from work so I'll have to see if i can keep my worlds from colliding! It can be found here.


Steve said...

I ordered it online from that catalog that was enclosed with the Bib. I had heard that they sell out early on the small and medium sizes, so I jumped on it. Not exactly cheap though, with tax it came $102.00 . A little steep for a fancy windbreaker.

Ahh., but how often does one get to do Boston.


yumke said...

Look forward to some updates from Boston.