Entering uncharted territory...

on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 10:25 PM

Did 9 miles at a moderate pace including some strides on Friday. I think I"m going to try and do these runs at a brisker pace. I've been generally doing them at a slow pace but think it might be helpful if I bump it up a bit.

Did 5 mile recovery run on Saturday and13 miles yesterday.

Total for last week was about 43 miles.
So this upcoming week is a bit different. I'm supposed to do 55 miles which I've done before but it marks the beginning of 6 days of running a week which is new. Next week is even tougher since it requires a 65 mile week which might be a bit much. I may cut that back to 60 or so.

So i signed up for an 8k race in two weeks time. I've never done one before. 5k races I don't like, 10 k races are bearable. An 8k race, I'm not too sure of yet.


yumke said...

Hey, so is that the Spring Runoff? Maybe i'll see ya there. If it is, It should be a pretty big crowd in a narrowish course, so be sure to seed yourself appropriately or you'll spend a few kilometres weaving your way in and out.

I'm curious, what medium-long run pace are you doing?