6 days/55 miles

on Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 11:35 PM

Finished the 6 straight days of running okay. My left knee which is the knee I've had problems with in the past was twinging a bit before and after my long run today. I'm hoping that it's due to me having not stretched after most of my runs this week and not something else. Today did 17.2 miles. Garmin says I did 17.5 miles which I know is wrong. Some of the miles were way too fast according to Garmin so manually mapping it out showed it to be a little shorter. Average pace for the whole thing was 8:30 min/mile. Today was very windy. Nice when it's at your back, not so nice when you're running into it.

Total for the week was 55.8 miles. Pfitz' schedule for this upcoming week is supposed to be another 6 days of running and 65 miles. I've decided to flip this week's schedule with next weeks since I have an 8k race this Saturday and Pfitz original schedule for next week has a tune-up race on the Saturday. Also the total mileage for the week will be 53 miles which is a little less than I did this week so I can treat it like a stepback week. The plan has some VO2Max work scheduled for this week which is good in terms of timing since it's supposed to warm up over the next few days. I'm hoping that most of the snow around the local track will melt so I don't have to do these at the gym. Plan is as follows:

Tuesday: 9 miles including 6x600m @5k race pace
Wednesday: 11 miles GA
Thursday: 6 miles recovery w/ 6 strides
Friday: 5 miles recovery
Saturday: 8km race
Sunday: 17 miles long


Sonia said...

Good luck on the 8K race, too bad you didn't have a chance to make it to ATB. It was a great day for racing despite the 30 km/h wind!!

Stephen said...

YEAH, knock em dead at the 8 K !
Should be a piece of cake after doing the Napa marathon.

Love2Run said...

Seems to me you are training for another marathon already. Which one is it? Ottawa? You're doing well. It takes awhile to get used to 6 days a week so be patient.

Arcane said...

Thanks regarding the 8k. I've been looking at the course profile and it seems quite hilly. Not too sure I like the looks of it.

Not quite a marathon. I'm following a marathon training program, but I'm aiming for a half marathon. I'm hoping this training will establish a base of about 50 miles that will then allow me to push up to 70 during the summer. Marathon attempt will be in the fall.