Oh well...

on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 8:52 PM

As expected, I didn't get into Boston.  The cutoff this year was 2:28 which is a significant increase over last year and was even more than the cutoff the year after the bombings.

Even if I had ran my goal time in Erie of 3:13:15ish, that wouldn't have been enough and I would have needed another 45 seconds beyond that.  I suppose I'm okay with that. 

With Boston out of the question for next year, it now turns to what's next? I decided not to enter the Tokyo marathon lottery for next year which we had to in August.  The race is in February.  I had already entered the London marathon lottery, which was in late April and with the potential of Boston, I didn't want to run the risk of getting into all three.  As it turns out, I'm doing none of them.  I did enter the Berlin Marathon lottery and the results of that come in November for a race next September so if I don't get into that, I may try to do Tokyo through a tour if spaces are still available.  It would mean another training cycle would have to start towards the end of October which means no more marathon attempts for the rest of the year.

As for the 2:28 time period, that seems kinda high.  That's already half way to lowering the qualifying time by another 5 minutes.  While I have previously said that I had no desire to attempt another 3:10 marathon in my life, here I am looking at having to do one to get into Boston. While I like running, I don't necessarily like having to train hard to run a marathon so I''m not sure Boston will be in the next few years if it requires me to run that fast.  3:15 I can kinda manage, much faster than that I don't know.  My BQ time drops by 10 minutes in a few years so there's always that possibility.

As for the rest of the year?

I do have to do pacing duties for the scotiabank half again. I've done it for the past few years and it's a good time.  They changed sponsors this year. While it was Brooks the past few years, they switched over to Asics this year and they've had some problems getting things worked out.  We still haven't received our pacing gear yet and it's two weeks to race day.  Thankfully, Asics isn't a full sponsor so we aren't mandated to wear their shoes like in previous years. That's good for the marathon pacers since they don't have to worry about untested and unfamiliar shoes on race day.

I did do the Peace run last weekend. 10k race and came in 2nd overall, race report to come. Not sure I want to do any more races.  With the Boston letdown, I have no desire to race anytime soon so I guess I'll just enjoy these next few weeks of running for no particular reason.


Robin said...

Bummer on the Boston entry. It seems to go up and down every year now, I truly didn't expect this year to be 2:28. I'm sure you will find an adventure of some kind, maybe it's time for an ultra :)